Capstone Clinic – COVID-19

Testing and Care Response

Capstone Clinic Wasilla and Palmer Mobile Units Now Open

The mobile facility accepts enrolled patients of Capstone’s Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla clinics to address suspected COVID-19 cases. If you are not a Capstone patient, you must enroll in your vehicle online onsite. We will update our Capstone Anchorage and Kenai Clinic patients with options and ask that they contact their nearest hospital (Providence / Alaska Regional / Central Peninsula Hospital) for current testing and cases.

Mobile Unit Process/Enrollment

Capstone patients and prospective-patients drive their vehicle to the Capstone’s COVID-19 Testing Facility which is now open 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday/Sunday and 8 AM to 8 PM Monday-Friday.

Phone number: 907-864-4642

Locations in Wasilla and Palmer

Wasilla: 3122 E Meridian Park Lp in Wasilla – X-Ray is in Wasilla only

Palmer: 12039 E Maple Springs Way in Palmer

Remain in their vehicle while calling a phone number designated on a sign at the mobile site. Verified Capstone patients will be placed in the queue for questions and/or testing if necessary, by a medical provider. If the patient is not enrolled with Capstone they will need to enroll (either in the vehicle line or at the adjacent parking lot out of the line or return once completed and the line allows room for them to wait), and once confirmed, can return to the mobile unit vehicle line.

Mobile Unit Testing/Results

Capstone medical practitioners will follow the recommended federal and State of Alaska inquiry and testing guideline protocols. Testing for COVID-19 will be provided based on symptoms and predictive diagnosis; if the patient doesn’t meet the federal CDC/State DHSS symptom threshold, they will not be tested but will be treated or referred based on their health issue.

Capstone’s new mobile unit has limited radiologic and telemedicine capabilities, and a micro-lab for onsite testing other than COVID-19.  COVID-19 tests are sent to the State of Alaska Section of Epidemiology laboratory or to Quest labs, which is out of state.  Tests are also limited and Capstone cannot guarantee everyone can be tested and will advise in the mobile vehicle line and via web/social media if it is out of COVID-19 tests.

The testing result time currently varies. As of March 18th, Capstone has been advised the wait time is from three (3) to eleven (11) days. Capstone, unfortunately, has no control over COVID-19 testing processes or result notification time. Self-quarantine and other facets of post-testing and results will be discussed with tested patients at the mobile site with Capstone medical staff based on federal and State of Alaska guidelines at that time.

COVID-19 Test Site Instructions

Do Not Approach The Buiding!

Please Stay In Your Car and Call
(907) 864-4642.
We will give you instructions over the phone.

Talk to our staff over the phone to get Web Enabled for our Patient Portal.  Call (907) 864-4642

App code: FJIHBD

Need help?  Talk to our staff over the phone. Call (907) 864-4642

App code: FJIHBD

Need help?  Talk to our staff over the phone. Call (907) 864-4642


Capstone Clinic
Coronavirus Testing and Care Response


12039 E Maple Springs Way in
Palmer, Alaska

Open: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM M- F
and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM  Weekends

Call: (907) 864-4642


3122 East Meridian Park Loop,
Wasilla, Alaska

Open: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM M- F
and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM  Weekends

Call: (907) 864-4642

COVID-19 Information Resources

Capstone Clinic’s website and Facebook page content are for patients and prospective-patients to have access to comparable COVID-19 healthcare information to what Capstone practitioners are receiving. Please understand multiple times each day Capstone’s medical staff is being directed to these same website sources for updates and treatment/testing directions as the COVID-19 pandemic is expeditiously and comprehensively addressed by global healthcare providers.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

White House / Briefings and Statements

Screening and test information for employers

COVID-19 PPE Needs

Capstone Clinic – COVID-19 Volunteer Care Response

Your Help Is Appreciated We Need Medical Gowns and Face Masks

We are asking the community to help us keep our healthcare workers and you safe.  We have linked two design options on how to make reusable medical gowns for our healthcare workers. Thank you for commitment to our community.

Medical Gown Design

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