Capstone Express Now Open

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Capstone Clinic announces the launch of Alaska's first telemedicine clinic and kiosk service, Capstone Express Clinic, on Monday, December 11, 2017 in the 5th Avenue Mall in downtown Anchorage.

“Our new paradigm of telemedicine integrates state-of-the-art medical services with high-tech
communications and remote access to medical providers,” says Dr. Wade Erickson, M.D. who started
Capstone Family Medicine in the Mat-Su in 2003. “Our healthcare vision at Capstone has been the
contouring of quality, responsive healthcare with accessibility and modern technology. The new
telemedicine clinic affords tourists, mall employees, downtown workers, and shoppers of all ages the
benefit of fast, effective treatment in a location where there are no other viable medical service
options within the central city grid.” Using this model, Capstone can further expand this service to
remote parts of our state, improving access to quality, timely healthcare. 
Capstone has been methodically expanding its services to Alaskans, adding urgent care centers,
occupation medicine and eye care, through healthcare clinics in the Mat-Su, Eagle River, and now
Anchorage, at Boniface and Tudor. Capstone Express is located on the ground floor next to JC Penney.
The new 650-sq. ft. telemedicine conferencing center offers two exam rooms, medical lab,
prescriptions, and a retail medical supplies section.
“Capstone Express will be staffed during the hours of operation in sync with the 5th Avenue Mall
hours: 10 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and 11 AM to 6 PM on Sunday,” says Capstone
Practice Manager Kasey Thompson. “Our new East Anchorage clinic will be the treatment source for
the providers. The patient will be examined and discuss the relevant health problem with the
practitioner in our new clinic. If more acute treatment is necessary, a clinic appointment is made in
person immediately at the urgent care at Boniface. The majority of minor issues can be addressed at
the telemedicine clinic with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription as necessary.”
“Affordable healthcare access is one of our missions at Capstone,” adds Dr. Erickson. “Our new
telemedicine clinic and kiosk options bring convenience to patients who simply don’t have time to
drive to a clinic. Our next kiosk will be in the Dimond Center by spring 2018, with plans to grow into
more cities thereafter, statewide.”